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San Antonino Floral Embroidered Pillow Cover

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Hand Embroidered Pillow Cover 100% Handmade in San Antonino, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Available in black with the option of multicolor or golden embroidery, these delicate and elegant pillow covers will become the center of attention for all spaces. Featuring hand-embroidered delicate flowers, traditional from San Antonino, Oaxaca. The striking embroidered designs are made by first drawing the floral patterns on the fabric and then using a small hoop to embroider the design section by section. For this reason, it may take weeks to make only one.

  • Pillow covers are sold to be filled with the filling of your choice. They include a zipper opening of 12" for easy access to filling.
  • Made with high-quality cotton fabric, 100% cotton, 100% non-toxic, soft, and lightweight.
  • Hand-embroidered.
  • approximately 4" opening.
  • Measurements: 19"x 19". 
  • Pillow NOT INCLUDED.

 - At Lolo - Mercadito we are committed to acknowledging the nature of each product. With each purchase, you are getting a unique and authentic piece that was made with love by artisans from Mexico. These pillow covers are artisanal, hand-made products. For this reason, there might be some flaws and variations in sizing, stitching, and design.

Customer Reviews

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Lolo Mercadito sells pillow cover that are RIPPED OPEN 3 inches and do not allow inserting a pillow

Beware that this company is knowingly selling pillow covers it knows full well in advance you cannot insert a pillow into. Instead, it weasels out of it by including in the description that there is an “opening” in the pillow. What they fail to say is that the fabric is RIPPED OPEN away from the border piping, as if is torn, weakening the overall cover and leaving the buyer to figure out what to do. So if you are expecting a real opening for a pillow for your $55, you can forget about it! It’s literally and figuratively a rip-off!