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Aluminum Nose Wire - Package of 3

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  • Soft & Durable - Our nose bridge strips are made of solid aluminum, not easy to rust, smooth surface, super-light, can be bent easily, and for long time use.
  • Good Adhesion - Designed with an adhesive back, the flat aluminum nose wire has strong stickiness that will not fall off once you apply it.
  • One Size Fits All - 90mm in Length, 5mm in Width, 0.5mm in thickness, perfect size for your nose, comfortable to wear, and safe to skin.
  • Wide Application - You could apply it to DIY face making, craft projects, wire weaving, beading jewelry making, or gardening.

Customer Reviews

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Maryanne Bartlett
Nose wire

nice and sturdy! Conforms to my face *very* well. I'm going to be buying more.

Nancy Rost
Helps masks fit well

This is a handy way to make any face mask fit well. I just pop it on the front of a cloth mask to mold it to the bridge of my nose. Keeps my glasses from getting fogged. When done, pop it off, wash the mask, and can reuse the wire as long as the adhesive lasts.

Mary-Lee Lutz
A wonderful idea

Now my glasses never fog up.

Aileen Berk
Aluminum nose wire

I like the adhesive on the underside. It helps the masks fit my face better.

Jeannette Cabrera
Good thinking but with flaws

I like the fact that we can use it for the masks but they don’t stay put for a long time. The mask are pretty thick so not very much help although it does make a small difference. I think you need to have a few dozens to be able to use them all the time.