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Medium Paper Mache Hand Painted Sugar Skulls

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Hand Painted Paper Mache Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls 100% Handmade in Michoacan, Mexico.

During Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, festivities sugar skulls are a well-known part of the celebration and can be seen decorating ofrendas (offerings) to represent the deceased. Traditional sugar skulls are made of granulated white sugar and are exactly what the name indicates: skull-shaped sugar. However, other materials are used to represent sugar skulls such as clay, wood and paper mache.

These delicately made sugar skulls are hand painted and shaped by artisans in Michoacan, Mexico. This is the perfect piece to add decorative accents during these season, to decorate your ofrenda while on Day of the Dead celebrations and continue to add a special Mexican touch in other times of the year, it will display your original and good taste.

  • Made of paper mache, with plastic base to provide shape and stability.
  • Hand Painted.
  • Approximate Measurements:
  • Each design is one of a kind and cannot be replicated. That is why we cannot guarantee any specific design, only color.
  • Measurement: 9 Inches tall x 4.5 Inches Width

- At Lolo - Mercadito we are committed to acknowledging the nature of each product. With each purchase, you are getting a unique and authentic piece that was handmade with love by artisans from Mexico. For their artisanal nature, there might be some flaws and variations in color, measurements, and design.

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I love my sugar skull

It arrived in perfect condition. It is better in person than it appeared online.
I am a happy customer.

Well done

Well made

Hi Andrea,

Thank you SO much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review! We genuinely enjoy hearing that you love your masks and are enjoying them. Thank you for your feedback, business and constant support. It means the world to us and the artisans.

Thank you,
Manuel Saidi