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Deshilado Cotton Bread Basket Liner

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White Cotton Bread Basket Liner and Warmer 100% Handmade in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Deshilado, or drawn thread work, is a technique that consists of delicately removing threads from fabric and group or bundle together the remaining threads to create a variety of stunning, complex, and delicate patterns. Today, skillful artisans in Aguascalientes, Mexico dedicate their generational knowledge to create elegant pieces like the ones in our Deshilado collection.

Embellished with intricate designs, this bread basket liner will wrap your bread with its four leaves to keep it warm. This breathtaking needlework can often be found in the most upscale of places. Now, this style can be found at your table delighting your guests and convert every meal into an elegant event.

  • Versatile and resistant 100% cotton fabric.
  • Lightweight.
  • Beautiful details achieved using deshilado technique and crocheted details at ends.
  • Four leaves cover bread, keeping it warm and clean.
  • Approximate measurements:
    12" wide in the center, 24" wide from side to side laying flat.
  • Care:
    Hand wash with warm water, hang to dry, do not wring.
    Optional: iron with starch to achieve a whiter, firmer look.
    Store in a dry, darkroom.
    Deshilado products can be somewhat stiff at first, but they will begin to soften with use. 
  • Sold individually.
  • Basket not included, but we recommend checking out our bread basket suggestions to perfectly pair this!


Customer Reviews

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Christine Santana

Beautiful artisan work. Love it

Paul Conley
Desfilado Bread Basket Liner

It is just a bread basket liner. But it is also a BEAUTIFUL, hand-crafted work that always brings compliments and, “Where did you get this?” questions. It is practical and easy to wash. My bread thanks me every time I use it.