What is Lolo?

Lolo is a Mexican-owned business with the goal of making a big change; the result of a family uniting a passion for representing Mexican traditions through unique products. In Lolo, we want to cultivate the desire, admiration, and taste for "lo bien hecho" in Mexico and be a true representative of our country and our culture throughout the world. 

The name "Lolo" comes from Manuel's (Manolo) nieces and nephews, who had trouble pronouncing his name, so they started calling him "Lolo." Today, all 13 of them refer to him as Tío Lolo. Therefore, Lolo is a homage to them, and the love shared as both parents and uncles.

How did Lolo start?

Lolo started in April 2020, at the midst of Covid-19 lockdown. However, that is not when it was born…

Manuel, one of the founders of Lolo, always dreamed of showing what he sees and loves about Mexico. Growing up in a small town famous for its silver production, Taxco Guerrero -he wanted to show the world “lo bien hecho en México.” He created Lolo as a concept around 2018 but work never allowed him to be fully developed…

In 2020, when Covid lockdowns forced Manuel, his brothers, Julian and Luis, and their mother, Linda, to close their businesses (each in different places of Mexico and San Antonio). They used their passion for Mexican crafts to offer artisanal facemasks. 

It all began with embroidered masks made by incredible and talented artisans who incorporated their culture into every facemask. From there, we began offering more and more products, and the business grew. Julián, Luis, and Manuel put their hearts out to collaborate with forward-minded designers, artisans, and brands.The demand soon became far beyond what four people could manage, so Lolo became a small family business where everyone did a little bit of everything, including nephews, who would occasionally help package an order!

Regina From Lolo Mercadito

Regina moved to the USA at an early age from Aguascalientes. Always missing her culture, she realized that the history and meaning behind artisan crafts carry wisdom. Today, she works to give back to the artisans who indirectly gave her so much!

Manuel From Lolo Mercadito

Born in Taxco, Guerrero, a small town in Mexico famous for its silver production, Manuel grew up in the United States. Missing Mexico every day, he always dreamed of showcasing to the world the talent he admires so much from Mexican artisans, and thus Lolo was born!

What is Lolo today?

After the lockdown measures ended, Manuel’s family returned to their business and trades. However, Manuel decided to bet on his love for Lolo and fully dedicate his time to it.  

By this time, Manuel's wife, Regina, was fully immersed in Lolo. With some background in the subject, but mainly with a deep passion for learning, this family oriented business expanded further into responsible cultural promotion.

At this point, Regina decided to stay involved full time at Lolo as well, and to make it her mission to show Lolo’s customers all that she (and Manuel) continue to see in every product they sell. In short, a bit of Mexico and the people behind them in every product!

In Lolo, we focus on offering a real Mexican experience: authenticity in products and personalized customer service, as you would find in any Mexican town. However, we do this by implementing fairness and cultural responsibility on every step we take

If you'd like to read more about how our values, vision, and philosophies align with our business model, as well as our journey and family history, don't forget to check out our Meet Lolo Section. Furthermore, you can always check out our: our Zócalo blog where we publish articles of interest about our cultura!