Lolo's Story

Lolo is the result of when three brothers from Guerrero, Mexico unite their passion to represent Mexican traditions through unique products. Julián, Luis, and Manuel put their hearts out to have collaborations with forward-minded designers, artisans, and brands. The result is a real Mexican experience: authenticity in products and personalized costumer service, as you would find in any Mexican town.

The name "Lolo" comes from Manuel's nieces and nephews who had trouble pronouncing his name so they started calling him "Lolo". Today, all 13 of them refer to him as Tío Lolo. Therefore, Lolo is a homage to them and the love shared as both parents and uncles.

In Lolo, we want to cultivate the desire, admiration, and taste for "lo bien hecho" in Mexico and be a true representative of our country and our culture throughout the world.


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