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Barro Negro, Black Clay, Espresso Cup with Saucer

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Barro Negro, or Black Clay Espresso Cup with Saucer 100% Made in San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca.

These espresso cups are filled with elegance and design, from cup to matching saucer. Made to impress that coffee connoisseur, these espresso cups will make the perfect addition to any collection, add a special touch to all mornings, and, of course, make the perfect gift.

Astonishing pieces made of world-renowned black clay of Oaxaca. Each piece is shaped by hand and baked in an underground wood fire of thick black smoke, which gives the pieces their black special color. Combined as a whole process these ‘Black Clay’ or ‘Barro Negro’ pieces are one of the most sought-after pottery styles in all of Mexico.

  • Made of locally-sourced Barro Negro, or black clay.
  • No glaze or dyes are used, the clay acquires its black color from the special mud in Coyotepec and the smoke used when baked.
  • Handmade: Each piece is one of a kind as no molds or potter's wheels are used when making these special cups.
    Each cup is approximately 2.5" in diameter x 2.5" tall
    Holds approximately 6 fl oz. 
    Saucer is 4.5" in diameter.
  • CARE: Barro Negro is baked at low temperatures and unglazed, which makes it prone to absorbing some odors. Not microwave or dishwasher safe. Handwash and let it fully dry before next use. 
  • Sold individually.

At Lolo - Mercadito we are committed to acknowledging the nature of each product. With each purchase, you are getting a unique and authentic piece that was handmade with love by artisans from Mexico. These are artisanal products. For this reason, there might be some flaws and variations in color, measurements, shapes, and design.


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Black the Best

I absolutely love my black espresso cops and saucers. I now have my espresso with a elegant and strong service.

We're so glad you're enjoying your Barro Negro products! They are very elegant and add a special touch to your kitchen. We appreciate your kinds words and amazing support Sheri! Thank you so much!