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Huichol Art Round Beaded Christmas Ornament

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Astonishing Hand-Made Ornament Handmade by Artisans in Mezquitic, Jalisco, Mexico 

Be ready to give your tree a unique pop of color with these unique and astonishing beaded ornaments. The process to make each of these ornaments is an intricate one achieved only by the talented hands of Huichol/Wixarika artisans. It can take up to a week to make only one of these ornaments. Each bead, or chaquira, is patiently hand glued using a special wax to achieve these intricate designs. Truly, an artisanal piece of art!

The Wixárika culture is largely influenced by spiritual connections to the elements, and it is largely shamanistic in nature. As so, every piece tells a story in their artwork made with symbolic motifs that reflect their beliefs, cultural understandings, and stories of their community. Wixárika art is distinctive for its colorful and intricate work such as these patiently, hand-beaded designs.

  • *Sold Individually*
  • Patiently made by the hands of Huichol artisans in San Sebastián Teponahuaxtlan, Mezquitic community, in Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Hand-made, each bead is glued one by one using special wax as glue. 
  • Lightweight, won't weigh down your tree.
  • Metallic string at the top to hang.
    3" diameter
  • Care instructions:
    Please keep ornaments in a cool, dry environment. Otherwise, the wax used to glue beads could melt and make beads fall off the ornament.

- At Lolo - Mercadito we are committed to acknowledging the nature of each product. With each purchase, you are getting a unique and authentic piece that was handmade with love by artisans from Mexico. These ornaments are artisanal products. For this reason, there might be some flaws and variations in measurements, color, and design. 

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Elizabeth M Pagiotas

These are the most beautiful ornaments ever. What you see in photo is just as beautiful in person. The colors on these ornaments are so vibrant. I am a huge fan of Huichol art and the intricate designs the artist accomplish are amazing. You won’t be disappointed once received. Lolo Mercadito also does a fantastic job of packaging them up. Their service is quick and reliable. I just wished they had a store front, I would be there often. Thank you Lolo Mercadito for such beautiful, hand selected items.