Mitla Reusable Handmade Non-Medical Face Mask- LIMITED EDITION

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We are sorry, we are still working on this page in our attempt to make it as comprehensive as possible.

If you do not see you product listed below, make sure to check the product's page where we have specifications for each product's care. If the answer is not there, please feel free to reach out to us! 

HI! Thank you for visiting our Care Instructions Page. We know artisanal products may require some special attention to be able to preserve their beauty, and, because of their artisanal nature, they do not include a "care instruction label". This is why we created this page that will hopefully answer all your questions and share recommendations that artisans have shared with us concerning caring for your products. Do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have more questions, we would be glad to help however we can!

Embroidered clothing, face masks, and textiles:

Our recommendation for all artisanal clothing is to hand wash with cold water, turned inside out and lay flat to dry without wringing. If necessary, iron on low with a protective cloth on top of the garment.
If there is a need to machine wash, please do so on a garment bag on delicate settings and only air fluff on dryer machine. 

Pro tip from artisans for Otomí embroidered products:
If, for some reason, there is some color run, boil some water on your stove top and, using tongs being careful not to burn yourself, submerge the piece entirely in it and move it around so that it looses the dye. We've tried it and it works!


Hand wash with warm water, hang to dry or lay flat, do not wring. Optional: iron with starch to achieve a whiter, firmer look. Store in a dry, dark room, preferably in a protective layer such as bag or old cloth.

Woven Aluminum

Clean with a dry white cloth. Store in a dry place, avoiding humid spaces, sunlight, or extreme heat. Not dishwasher safe. DO NOT MICROWAVE!

Parota Tabletops:

Although resistant to everyday use, parota wood is not dishwasher/microwave safe. Clean with dam towel and, only if extremely necessary with mild cleaner and cold water, making sure it dries completely before storing.

Hand Painted Clay tabletops:

Although resistant to everyday use, clay products are not dishwasher/microwave safe. Clean with mild cleaner and cold to warm water and let air dry.

Molcajetes/Volcanic Stone

molcajete is a traditional Mexican version of a mortar and pestle made from volcanic rock perfect for crushing and combining ingredients to make Mexican salsa. This prehispanic tool makes it excellent for kitchen elements such as pulverizing ingredients and grinding spices as necessary as possible, bringing out all flavors from ingredients, and control consistency of dishes. From its porous nature, it is almost impossible to clean thoroughly but, just like a cast iron, this will help transfer over ingredients to the next dish. 

Before you use a new molcajete for the first time, it needs to be cured—i.e. scrubbed of excess debris and sediment from inside the mortar. Smooth out the inside by placing dry uncooked white rice inside the mortar and grinding it with the pestle. Press on the rice making circular motions as you move throughout the inside, including the sides, making your way up. Do this until the rice turns to a powder (rice will turn grey) and discard. Repeat this process until it no longer becomes discolored, approximately 3-4 times, then rinse with warm water. The molcajete is ready to use. Curing does take time and effort but you only have to cure it once and the result will be 100% worth it!

To clean, we suggest using only warm water and a kitchen brush dedicated only to this molcajete if you would like to prevent soap from entering the crevices of the stone and transferring over to your food. If, however, you feel uncomfortable not using soap, please use a mild one. Let air dry. MOLCAJETES ARE NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Marcela Tirado
Beautiful Masks

I've purchased several of the face masks. They are very well made and quite beautiful. I like that they have a filter pocket and are comfortable. I've received many compliments and people have asked me where I bought them.

Hola Marcela,

Thank you so much for this incredible review! We're so happy that all your masks that you have purchased with us have worked out great and are satisfied with each one of them. Gracias for your support!

Thank you,
Manuel Saidi

Artisanal Face masks

Excellent mask, high quality tightly woven cotton, comfortable fit, beautiful embroidery

Hola Patricia,

Thank you so much for your kind words! They are made with the best quality and comfiest material. We’re so glad you loved them very much. Gracias!

Thank you,
Manual Saidi

Marie Lester
Pretty, but...

The mask are very pretty but as others have said, I have to remove the elastics and put in my own because they are just so short. I prefer the metal pieces be installed by the maker, not just tossed into the package...that was not professional at all! Now I have my seam ripper in hand, tearing apart these beautiful pieces, re-making them. There is also no pocket in which to put the one filter provided for the 3 masks I bought. I hate to say it, but I won’t be spending my money here again

Beautiful Embroidery

The masks wash very well. The extra protection of the filters that fit inside the masks. I actually own several and have been asked where I get them. Tell google Lolo.

Patricia Spanjer

They are beautiful and comfortable

Hola Patricia,

Thank you for your purchase and incredible support, this means the world to us and we're so happy you were so pleased with your face masks. Gracias for your kind words!

Thank you,
Manuel Saidi