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Vanilla Flavored Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee Jar

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Make your days perfect with a 100% Arabica blend. Well-balanced and made up of a combination of coffee beans from Oaxaca, Veracruz, and Chiapas with different roasts.

This vanilla-flavored freeze-dried coffee is a product that maintains intact the components of aroma, flavor, and acidity that characterizes the freshly roasted coffee from Punta del Cielo, but with the practicality of instant coffee.

The product is frozen and introduced into a vacuum chamber to remove the water, passing it from the solid to the gaseous state without going through the liquid, which is known as sublimation. This drying procedure manages to eliminate practically all the water contained in the product but masterfully preserving its aromas. Therefore, Freeze-Dried is the process that adds the most value to this product, providing a cup of coffee with an excellent balance, flavor, and aroma.


  • It combines the characteristics of an excellent roasted ground coffee with the practicality of an instant drink.
  • High solubility.
  • Vanilla Flavored
  • Aromatic and well balanced.
  • Ideal for mixing and obtaining prepared drinks based on coffee.
  • Long shelf life, approximately 24 months, preserving its quality.
  • High performance.
  • .24 lbs. / 110 gr.

Customer Reviews

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Ventura Lady
Good tasting instant coffee

Instant coffee has often tasted "fake" in the past or it was overpowered by an added flavor. This has neither of those flaws. It is tasty, the vanilla is just enough to add flavor while letting the excellent coffee flavor come through.

Sheilah D
Vanilla Flavor

I enjoy this coffee with sugar and cinnamon. It is good when I am in a hurry!

Dear Sheilah,

Thank you SO much for taking the time to write this wonderful review! We are glad to hear of your satisfaction with your coffee and we cannot thank you enough for this support. We are very grateful to you for your preference and trust. Great suggestion on what to mix it with! Thank you for allowing us to earn your business and for your support.

Thank you,
Manuel Saidi