Destination: Let’s have a drink… or two in Tequila, Jalisco!

Let’s get started on our next adventure to the motherland of our favorite drink: TEQUILA. Now, we're not just talking about the drink but the “Pueblito Magico” Tequila, Jalisco. The land of the beautiful blue agave scenery, cobblestone streets, and of course the best tequila in the world! 

This gorgeous town is located on the western side of the state of Jalisco, just 43 miles away from the beautiful city of Guadalajara. It is surrounded by the bluest of all agave plants and breathtaking colorful architecture. This tiny town is magical! Rich in culture and history that it will transport you to another time and yes, I said tiny but let me tell y’all! We have a lot to share about this place and the adventure of your lifetime you're about to experience. 

Whether you're a tequila drinker or not, visiting Tequila is definitely worth the trip! There’s lots more to enjoy like food, music, history, you name it! Here, I will try my best to guide you into having a perfect trip based on our personal experiences, and profound love for the state of Jalisco. Let’s start by imagining we are walking down the cobblestone streets, filled with color and mariachi music playing in the background... Are you ready? Vamonos! 


Pueblito Mágico: Tequila, Jalisco

Santiago de Tequila is known as the birthplace of the popular Mexican drink “tequila” and is home to many distilleries that are recognized worldwide. Tequila, is its own municipality out of the 124 municipalities that exist in the state of Jalisco. In 2003, Tequila was honored as a magical town “Pueblito Magico” by the Mexican Federal Government and designated as a World Heritage Site. 

Here you will be able to experience the local life, learn about the history of Tequila, and try some of the best authentic Mexican food you’ve ever had! Remember that the town is surrounded by pure agriculture so the climate is usually nice and hot all year round (we suggest wearing light clothing). If you ask us what’s the best way to discover this magnificent town we would say take a guided tour and stroll the streets to soak in everything this town has to offer. When roaming through the streets, pay close attention to the detail in the contemporary style buildings that surround the main plaza; truly amazing! Some of the places you can’t miss out on are the main square and colorful kiosk, National Museum of Tequila, Parroquia de Santiago Apostol, and of course visiting a tequila distillery! 

Distillery and Tequila Tasting


we're sure you’re probably asking yourself why we haven’t talked about drinking some Tequila yet? We are getting there! Tequila, Jalisco is recognized worldwide for the production of agave and is home to the biggest distilleries. From visiting the haciendas, going to the agave fields, to tasting it! You will live the full experience and, in our opinion, after this you will have true respect for this drink. Some of the top distilleries in Tequila are Hacienda Jose Cuervo, Casa Sauza, Casa Orendain, along with many more! Taking a tour to any hacienda is highly recommended because you will learn absolutely everything you have to know about Tequila. The making of this delicious spirit is so captivating a lot more complex than what most people think and when viewing the process one can appreciate all the work and effort that is invested. We might not be your tequila tourist guide but here's the 101 on how to take a smooth tequila shot, it’ll taste just like honey! 

Tequila glasses.
How to take a proper tequila shot (The Mexican Way):
  1. Grab your favorite Lolo shot glass
  2. Pour any tequila of your liking
  3. Inhale and the take the shot before exhaling, letting the tequila sit in your mouth to savor the sweet agave notes
  4. Swallow and exhale...
  5. Congrats! You’re one step closer to being a tequila expert!

Now that you’ve learned the “proper” way to take a tequila shot it’s time to bring it down a notch and have some unforgettable food. Near the main plaza you will have the best selection to choose from enchiladas, tacos, sopes, chiles rellenos, you name it! What’s a better way to end your night than this? It’s nearly impossible to explain everything you will experience here but we hope this piece was able to give you a small glimpse of what to expect. The real question is… has the town of Tequila made it to your bucket list?


Birds Hand-painted Clay Shot Glass
     Birds Hand-painted Clay Shot Glass

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