Colectivo Sayreth

A Journey of Tradition and Passion

Specialization: Barro

In the heart of Xalitla, Guerrero, Mexico, Sayreth Handicrafts is born, a workshop where passion for craftsmanship intertwines with family tradition. Constantina and her husband, artisans with gifted hands, transform clay into unique pieces that reflect the essence of their indigenous town.

Since childhood, Constantina watched her parents work with clay and paint, absorbing the techniques she now masters. Together with her husband, who joined the trade when they started their business, they have turned their workshop into a space where tradition merges with creativity.

Each piece of Sayreth Handicrafts is a 25-day journey, where clay is transformed into art. Sanding, water, color, and brush come together to bring to life designs that tell stories, customs, and traditions. The final result is a unique piece, full of meaning and shine, that captures the essence of their culture.

Sayreth Handicrafts is more than a workshop; it is a family legacy that remains alive through each piece. A journey of tradition, passion, and love for art that invites you to discover the cultural richness of Mexico.



Colectivo Sayreth

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
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